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About us

Insignety is a young and innovative company, specialized in the design of personalized rings. Through our software the jeweller is capable of processing biometric information (such as a heartbeat or fingerprint) in the rings and by doing so, design unique and personalized wedding, friendship or gift rings together with the customer. Exceeding expectations is the heart of everything Insignety does.


We excel in thinking out-of-the-box. We do this by uniting new technology with craftsmanship and with passion for our profession. Therefore, we always look for passionate employees and we show passion for our employees. 


Insignety provides high-quality and distinctive products and services to consumers who have high expectations. That’s why we work with highly skilled and competent employees and we offer the best to our employees. We also find it important that our employees continuously develop themselves and show entrepeneurship.


We value loyalty from and towards our employees. We believe that long-term working relationships are one of the essential ingredients for the high quality we offer.